Some comments from our Visitors’ Books

“A wonderful surprise! We did not expect such a treat. The most spectacular we have seen in many years of garden visiting.” 

“We loved the jungle part with the smoke and birds.” 

“Very therapeutic. A perfect antidote to the stress of modern living. This is our fourth visit!” 

“Amazed, inspired - going home to sharpen the secateurs!” 

“Just stunning! My photos from last visit didn’t do it justice so I came back for a second time just to make sure I hadn’t imagined it. This is a spectacular achievement.” 

“I have never seen anything like it. Amazing!” 

“Wonderful garden - didn’t want to go home!” 

“A delightful and uplifting experience with beauty around every corner.” 

“Stunning, absolutely wonderful, we shall certainly come again!” 

"The most beautiful garden we have ever visited. Well worth coming, a great experience.” 

“Like being in another world.” 

“Never tire of visiting - wonderful.” 

“Words fail us. Nothing we say can do enough justice to this beautiful garden.” 

“We’ve been to lots of open gardens. This is by far the most impressive garden.” 

“Fantastic garden - absolutely out of this world.” 

“This garden should be on prescription!” 

“Stunning in Autumn. Brilliant in Summer. Can’t wait for Spring!” 

“Breathtaking as you enter and continues throughout - absolutely stunning.”