Autumn tasks   

  • We cut back perennial plants after flowering, removing old growth to ground level to make way for new spring shoots

  • Any tender plants are put under cover before the frosts arrive

  • We remove foliage and soil from begonia tubers, and then put them in crates containing Perlite granules ready for storage in a frost-free environment over the winter

  • After the red autumn leaves of the Virginia creeper on the house wall have fallen we prune back the creeper to the previous year level

  • We find it easier to clear leaves soon after they have fallen. If clearing is left until later then leaves adhere to the paths, new winter shoots of the bulbs might be trampled on, and the flowers of the cyclamen and primulae could be smothered

  • Falling leaves are an opportunity for compost! In the compost heaps we put shallow layers of our semi-rotted compost between deeper layers of recently gathered autumn leaves. We find that early composting of the leaves generates heat and usually the compost will be ready for use next spring

  • We start planting new spring bulbs referring to our sketch or notes made earlier in the year to show where more colour is needed. Planting is completed by December. Most of our spring flowering bulbs come up every year, however we usually find space for a few more!