Summer tasks

  • June is a busy month when we tidy up after the flowers and new foliage growth of spring and prepare for the various flower displays of summer

  •  Containers of begonias are grouped amongst the foliage plants to give a bold mass of single coloured flowers

  •  In early June pieris plants are lightly pruned and Photina ‘Red Robin’ and aucubas are heavily pruned to encourage bright new foliage growth to reappear by late July

  • We neaten the shapes of the Japanese acers and many other foliage plants, such as the golden hollies, by lightly pruning any untidy new growth

  • In early summer electric clippers are used to cut yew hedges and yew topiary and tidy excessive feathery growth of certain conifers so that by early August the glow of new foliage growth will have returned

  •  We regularly deadhead lilies and perennials after blooming

  •  Lily plants need to be checked regularly for bright red lily beetles - especially on sunny days in summer

  •  The lower side shoots are removed from new culms of bamboo
  •  The lawn is cut weekly and a liquid lawn feed applied once a month
  •  Plants are watered only when they really need it and mostly these are in hanging baskets or tiered baskets