These are only a few of the many azaleas and rhododendrons that we have planted:


  • Azalea ‘Anneke’ 

  • Azalea ‘Arneson Gem’ 

  • Azalea ‘Gibraltar’ 

  • Azalea luteum

  • Azalea Mollis 'Golden Flame'

  • Azalea 'Silver Slipper'

  • Azalea Mollis various cultivars

  • Various Azalea Exbury and Knaphill cultivars (spring blooms and autumn foliage colour)

  • Azalea ‘Geisha Blue'

  • Azalea ‘Geisha ‘Corany’

  • Azalea ‘Gilbert Mullie’

  • Azalea ‘Geisha Orange’

  • Azalea 'Purple Splendor' 

  • Azalea ‘Pleasant White’

  • Rhododendron 'Firelight'
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