In winter, we use the colour red in the form of the bright stems of the Acer ‘Senkaki’, red oriental ornaments and the leaves of the Photinia ‘Red Robin’.  We contrast these against blue and yellow conifers and bright yellow foliage plants such as Aucuba ‘Picturata’.

We rely on foliage to give us colour throughout the year. Plants such as ilex, aucuba, conifers and bamboo species have foliage of interest all the year round. Many of our plants have yellow or gold foliage and in winter these warm colours are like our winter sunshine!

We’re always surprised how many flowers we have in December. These include the large, bright yellow flowers of Mahonia ‘Charity’, impressive white flowers of Fatsia japonica and early cyclamen and primula flowers.

During December birds feast on a variety of berries including those on hollies such as Ilex ‘Golden King’, pyracantha, yew and sorbus trees.

Tree barks of acer griseum, snake bark maples, serrula and the white stems of betula ‘Jaquemontii’ give winter interest.

Most winters we put lighting in the trees and this creates a magical atmosphere, especially when plants are draped in snow.

Late winter flowers surge through in February with snowdrops, crocus, aconites, spring cyclamen, hellebores and early camellias.

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