Chaotic weather events in UK Midlands in recent years:


Warmest year ever recorded across the UK. July and September were the hottest for at least 300 years.


April - driest since 1912

May 29th - air frost 2 days before our first garden judging day of the Daily Mail National Garden Competition.

Summer torrentially wet in the Midlands with severe flooding

May and June together became the wettest similar period ever recorded across England and Wales since 1760.

June 14th - a tall drinking glass  in our garden filled with rain in one day!

July - Pershore had 157mm (6.2in) rain over two consecutive days


February 19th - hoar frost photos.

April 6th - 10-12cm (4-5in) snow in Midlands after a very cold night.

Another torrentially wet summer

July - 250% of UK average rainfall. Smethwick 30mm (1.2in) rain in one hour.

September - many areas had 100mm (4in) rain in 36 hours.

October 27th - 5cm (2in) snow coinciding with BBC Gardeners World filming of our Autumn  garden!


Another quite wet summer

June - torrential storms. One storm had 90 flashes per minute!

July - severe storms

August - heavy rains

Winter 2009/2010  coldest winter for 30 years in the Midlands.


Late October - frequent severe air frosts scorch autumn colours in our garden

December 7th temperature dropped to -5C (23F) in daytime!

December in the Midlands coldest for more than 150 years, including two nights at -15C (5F) and two nights at -12C (10.4F).  Sadly, it killed our tree ferns at Four Seasons garden!


January to March, above average temperatures and dry.

April - warmest in Central England for 350 years and ‘May flowers’ were appearing in April.

May 4th - air frost put a swift end to the peak of azalea colours!

October 2nd - temperatures hit 29C (84.2F) across the Midlands as the region baked in unseasonal sunshine.  Early October was the hottest for this time of year since records began!

Driest year ever on record in the UK.


March - UK's third warmest ever and the warmest month of March since1957!

April was colder than March, and was the coldest April in the UK for 23 years.

April 16th - after a dry 15 month period, drought was declared for the Midlands by the Environment Agency, but was surely the shortest,wettest UK drought ever!

April was the wettest April in the UK for more than 100 years! ......and the drought was officially declared over on 11th May!

April to June was the wettest second quarter in the UK since records began in 1910

May - the first two weeks were exceptionally cold.  7th May was colder than Christmas Day 2011!  The azalea flowers and Japanese maple leaves were 12 days behind an average year, and 20 days behind early May 2011!

June - UK's wettest June since records began in 1910. Wales and Northern Ireland had their wettest June on record, England experienced the second wettest. Total UK rainfall was 145.3mm (5.7in) - more than twice as much as normally expected.

June was also the second dullest on record with 119.2 hours of sunshine.


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