Yew topiary chicken - Taxus baccata 'Semperaurea'

Yew topiary man - Taxus baccata 'Semperaurea'

Taxus baccata 'Standishii' (Standish Yew)

A few years ago we chose a 'Standishii' Yew which had a single main stem........and then gradually trained the yew into small dome shapes.

The 'Standishii' Yew is one of our favourite yew cultivars. It has slow growing foliage which is golden in all seasons and since it is a female plant (with male yew plants nearby!), it produces these lovely red berries in autumn.


Front garden 1989

In 1989 we bought 10 relatively small golden box plants in pots which Marie split up into very many much smaller plants and planted them deep in the rectangular borders. Every couple of years after that the box plants were split up again and again, and by 1993 they were planted in a wavy / zig-zag line around the borders.

Front garden 2011

'Tools of the trade'........Time of year for topiary clipping

Cedar Atlantica! (Blue Atlas Cedar - Cedrus atlantica Glauca)

It is likely that a Blue Atlas Cedar Atlantica would quickly become too large for an ordinary garden and most would need removing 10-15 years after planting! At full maturity it could reach a height of 30–40 m (around 100ft), with a trunk diameter of 1.5–2 m (4-6ft)!

However, we planted this blue cedar in 1993 and have kept it to the height and shape by regular pruning. In this picture it has a height of 2.5m (8ft) and we have no intention of letting it outgrow its present space!