Since August 2008 our neighbour has kindly permitted us to use the lower half of his large garden for our own use.

Initially we cleared the area of brambles, ash seedlings, nettles and weeds.

In the past we did not have skips or local waste centres available to help with rubble disposal so that it is not surprising that at times when we dug into the ground we found quite a lot of old rubble and bricks which we removed.

We then laid a simple path using old paving slabs and other paths using forest bark 'nuggets'.

Then we created a work area for our 'Four Seasons' garden, comprising compost heaps made from old wooden pallets and raised beds using old timbers. We used fence wood preservative to smarten up and prolong the working life of this woodwork.

Since creating the raised beds we have had the delight of growing vegetables .........after so many years of not having space or time to grow vegetables.

We also created storage areas for forest bark, tiered basks and other items which were needed in the maintenance of the 'Four Seasons' garden.

Of course we have also done some plant landscaping.

Creating the work area

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