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We gave them all a good  scrub under water using a fairly firm plastic brush. Next day they were warm and dry so firstly we applied the red paint base coat however this bright red is not the final colour!

After the quick drying base coat of red paint we next applied a scanty  antique black spray and used a cloth to remove excess black.  We leave stepping stones a bit darker like these; however, we prefer some of the other ornaments, like the Foo dogs, to be a brighter red than this!

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After four wet summers and two severe winters several of our oriental ornaments were very much in need of rejuvenation. Our garden stepping stones each have  the name of one of the  seasons (spring/summer/autumn/winter) in Chinese.

As a final stage we next  would apply a laquer spray which would enhance the colours, give them a sheen and also some  extra protection against the elements.