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ITV Central News contacted us at lunch time to ask if they could broadcast the 6.20pm TV weather forecast from our garden. It was agreed that Marie would speak briefly in the television broadcast about managing our garden plants in the dry weather and Tony would speak about the usefulness of forest bark in keeping away weeds and helping to prevent water evaporation from our soil.

The excessively dry weather in the UK for many weeks was nationally very relevant not just to gardeners and farmers, but also because there were numerous heathland and forest fires raging in very many areas of the UK!

ITV Central News Weather Forecast May 2011

Part of the 6-page autumn feature

'Home and Garden' (Dutch Magazine) November 2010

‘Fairytale Garden’

Romanian newspaper 'ADEVARUL' November 2011

Floral Time / gardening section of the "China-flower News"

August 2010

National Garden Scheme welcome page

2010 'Yellow Book' of open gardens

Radio 4 Gardeners' Question Time December 2011

In December 2011, BBC Radio 4 Gardeners' Question Time included a 6-minute feature, broadcast from Four Seasons garden in Walsall.  Sutton Coldfield Ladies Gardening Club were the hosts for the broadcast when a panel of horticultural experts answered gardening questions from a live audience.

TV and radio garden presenter, Anne Swithinbank, brought three members of the gardening club to see our garden on 28th November and record their comments.  The sky was overcast but luckily there was no rain. With four days notice Gardeners' Question Time had requested to visit our garden and Marie and Tony had just enough time to tidy up the recently fallen leaves. 

Anne said she was impressed with very many of the plants and how healthy there were.  She suggested that this was due to the careful pruning.  Anne  said that her visit had challenged her to think about her way of  pruning plants. The visitors said there was much of interest in the garden despite it being early winter.

The question and answer session later in the day was chaired by Eric Robson, with panelists Anne Swithinbank, Bob Flowerdew and Matthew Wilson.  The question time session was lively and good humoured.  The topical subject of pruning came up several times.

Three heads were better than one!

During spring filming we had put metal pegs in the lawn to mark the exact position from which we had taken a still view - the intention was to return the tripod to exactly the same position in spring, summer, autumn and winter........  What we hadn't anticipated was "losing" the three metal pegs in the lawn after a few weeks had passed and the lawn had been mown a few times! A metal detector picked up all sorts of signals and it was only with grovelling and a great deal of searching did we find the three tripod foot positions!

The lock-offs had to be exact and a lot of time was spent on getting the initial measurements. The position of the tripod feet was recorded and the measurement of the lens from the ground. A monitor was connected to the camera to show what it was looking at.  A piece of acetate was placed over the screen of the monitor and an indelible marker drew around the fixed points, e.g. the outline of the house, certain plants and objects that wouldn't change through the seasons.  With these measurements, it was anticipated that the view could be replicated through the seasons by placing the camera and tripod in exactly the same position and lining up view with the acetate on the screen.

BBC2 television Gardeners’ World half-hour ‘special’ February 2010

Radio Times: “Toby Buckland introduces a special programme following a year in the lives of passionate gardeners Tony and Marie Newton. Seventeen years ago the couple began transforming their traditional suburban garden in Walsall, West Midlands into a stunning Yellow Book garden. Tony hated weeding but loved building things. Marie loved plants. Together they began an incredible journey to create their dream outdoor space.”


“Gardeners' World spent a year with Tony and Marie to discover why they are so passionate about their garden and to reveal the lengths to which they will go to achieve their perfect garden.”

‘Garden of Eden’

National Geographic Traveler (China) April 2012

Garden Answers November 2009