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In February 1990 our neighbour's huge, overgrown Mountain Ash tree, in the upper left of the 1985 photo, was blown down and crashed across our  garden, demolishing our only good apple tree!  This was a major event which forced up the pace of our re-landscaping plans!

The  two tall unhealthy looking Blue Spruce in the centre of the 1985 photo had no prospect of regaining good health and were removed later in 1992 during our re-landscaping.

These events helped to convince us that in future it would be best, if at all possible, not to let ordinary garden trees get overgrown, over crowded or unhealthy! In addition out needs for the garden were changing as our children were heading towards there teens and this also influenced our re-landscaping.

The question was - was it possible to achieve this with our new plants?........ we would have to wait and see!

Our garden

We wanted to create a garden to be exciting in all four seasons.  We also wanted the garden to be used by the family and to be enjoyed by people of all ages.

We believe we have created something very special. It gives us pleasure to walk in our garden on every day of the year and to share the delights with others. 

Reasons for re-landscaping 1992-1995

We are interested in reviewing why we re-landscaped in such a major way In the 1990s.  Some of the reasons are evident in this 1985 photo!

All plants have an urge to get larger and quite often this growth, if unchecked, causes big problems for the plants themselves and for their neighbours!  Photography is often helpful in revealing such details with great clarity!

This 1985 photo of our garden shows a very large Mountain Ash (Sorbus aucuparia) tree in the upper left picture, diseased Blue Spruce conifers in the centre of the picture and two dark green conifers on the right of the picture, which were overgrown. The latter conifers were obstructing the main exit from the lawn, causing nearby grass to struggle and also causing some of the Yorkstone paving to break up. 

The photo spurred us into action and 24 hours after seeing this photo in 1985 the two dark conifers on the right of the picture were gone! 

Five and seven years later the Mountain Ash and the unhealthy conifers in the centre of the picture were also gone!

What we have done since 1982

In the first ten years we broke up clay, re-laid and extended paths and won the battle with weeds. 

Since 1992 we have totally re-landscaped and replanted.  15 tons of York stone, 11 tons of garden soil, 15 tons of concreting sand and 70 cubic metres of forest bark - everything was brought down the garage steps!  Large rocks have been added, straight lines made into curves.

We built a chalet store, summer house, large wooden oriental pagoda, a smaller wooden pagoda with water feature and laid more than 100yds (91m) of paths.  Five water features made by us include a 55ft (17m) long rocky stream. 

The future is exciting because we know change will continue.  We created a jungle suddenly and unexpectedly.  No doubt we will surprise ourselves with what we think of next!

Upper Garden

Middle Garden

Lower Garden

Lower Garden

Spring 1992

Autumn 2009